Learn About the Best Shipping Software For 2018

Learn About the Best Shipping Software For 2018

Do you still record shipping information manually? Well, there must be some better way. What if we say it’s time to try something else!

Retail world is changing at rapid pace. You cannot risk losing customers. Since customers of today are more into online shopping boom, which in further put pressure on retailers for increased demands fulfilment. To avoid struggling with this situation, merchants need to include the missing ingredient – ecommerce multi carrier shipping software- that could lessen fulfilment time, and generates more revenue for their ecommerce venture.

Have a brief look below to learn about the best shipping software for 2018.


As the name suggests itself, it’s easy to learn and use platform. They are suitable for businesses of all sizes, yet particularly work well for those who run their own online stores. ShippingEasy has ability to easily integrate with the biggest names in ecommerce world including Shopify, Volusion, Magento and so on. When it comes to pricing plans, they are affordable and simply defined. ShippingEasy’s pricing plan differs with total monthly shipments. As the number of shipments goes up, price would upsurge and so as the customer service level. ShippingEasy offers enterprise options for high volume merchants, and include a free plan option for low volume merchants.


Who could expect more fromecommerce multi carrier shipping software that offers responsive customer support, user friendly interface, multi carrier shipping options, and best shipping rates- all of this truly makes OrderCup the best shipping software. And best of all, they partner with several carriers including the USPS, UK Mail, DX and DHL so that their customers can enjoy discounted shipping rates.


Ordoro really shines among Shopify users. It’s mainly used for both inventory and shipping purpose. Ordoro’s pricing structure somewhat depends on what features you’ll choose. It works well for small businesses, especially those merchants who participate in lot of drop-shipping.


Apart from providing integrations with major ecommerce vendors, it’s a highly user-friendly platform. Though, you might need bit of time to learn the advanced tools. If you’re looking for the feature-rich and efficient shipping software, ShipStation may be the one to go!


Shipping could become less of a chore when everything from order processing to fulfilment is automated, organized and synchronized. With so many affordable ecommerce shipping software options, all you can do is a small investment that could result huge for your business.

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